What is a Tactical Marriage?

Tactical Marriage. 

Marriage is not easy as you may already know. The issues that we all face in regards to marriage regardless if you are in law enforcement, military or public service are the same. According to John 10:10, the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus has come to give us life—and life more abundantly. Marriage is an institution that is sacred, created by God for the purpose of reflecting His character through the mercy and grace in the person and work of Jesus Christ. There is an enemy that does not want to see your marriage succeed. Fortunately for you and I, the war has already been won. We just have to learn to live our lives in that truth.  

Marriage was the first institution God created, followed by government and then the Church. All three were given their respective place in Genesis with Marriage and family being the center of all three. God is over all three of the institutions and each play integral part in God's plan for his Kingdom. It's not surprising then if you know the story of Satan's fall, that marriage is such a hot topic of debate in our society. Yet, why is it that even as it's a topic of debate the divorce rate continues to climb as the numbers of marriages decline. The answer is simple! Satan is not a fan of marriage. It reflects the Gospel and who Jesus is...if your marriage is lived out in such a way as to reflect God's original plan for marriage.

God has given us in His Word the necessary tactical weapons to combat the attacks our enemy throws at our marriage. Make no mistake we are at war and the Bible makes it clear who our enemy is. This is not an enemy like what we see in the news that can be fought with conventional weapons. This enemy fights from a different place outside of our five senses. 

As Police Officers we train with tactical readiness knowing that the fight is coming one day. Why then do we not use the spiritual tactical tools given to us to fight for our marriages and family? We respond to the calls of others in our communities, helping those who are weaker and more fragile. Yet, we find that many of us struggle to up hold the very foundation of society that is designed to fix many of the things we find in the brokenness of this dark and evil world–marriage and the family.

What I have found being around law enforcement and military is there is this expectation of failure in marriage. I have often heard from many in law enforcement, "your not a real cop unless you have been divorced at least once." What I have found from those who make such statements, are not familiar with the Bible much less that we have the power to defeat such statements. Why would anyone want The enemy only has the power that we give him. If divorce is on the your mind...then divorce is what you will get. If you want your marriage to work...then you have to fight for it because there is a very real war that is our to destroy it. 

In my book Tactical Marriage, I will talk about the realities we face in a fallen world and how to defend your marriage living in a world that wants to destroy all truth about who you are as man and the marriage you vowed too keep. 

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Battle Behind the Badge is an organization with biblical values dedicated to helping those in Law Enforcement deal with the challenges of thier career, marriage and off duty life. The divorce rate in Law Enforcement is extremely high and often is an expected out come for many in our field. Every Police Officer either knows someone that has gone through divorce or experincing marital problems currently. Our goal is to provide resources that will empower men and women to build a marriage that is a source of strength and support through biblical principles. Read more here. 



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