OODA Loop for Marriage 

In law enforcement, military and even business board rooms the phrase OODA Loop is a very familiar term. In case you are not aware, you are at war in your marriage. There is an enemy that wants to destroy your marriage and the tactics he uses are common to all of us. His tactics include deception, accusations, and temptations.

OODA loop is acronym that stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. It's been an effective tactical decision making process that lead to winning out comes.   

The OODA loop, although commonly used in law enforcement military tactics, it's perfectly suited for the spiritual battle ground of marriage. I found that the OODA loop can be an effective way to tactically work through scripture over come the enemies attacks. The fastest way to process through the OODA loop is to quickly orient to what is happening and virtually bypass the decision-making process by already knowing what action to take based on the stimulus. Situational awareness is the goal and the Bible clearly leads to some obvious points in this process. 

There are basically two types of situations that need to be evaluated in your marriage. Opportunities and threats. Deciding what provides opportunities to grow your marriage or destroy your marriage is keep to it's survival. Training your mind to evaluate potential treats is essential and implementing the OODA loop can be effect in evaluating the situations you face daily as men. 

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